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Getting Started

Our team of experts will take care of uninstalling your old oil system and replacing it with a new high efficient electric one. A relatively quick and simple procedure, we will disassemble your old furnace and fuel tank and take care of disposing the equipment in an environmentally-friendly manner. Once removed we will then replace the ducting in the furnace room to ensure proper air flow and install your new high efficient electric system that you have chosen. The only prerequisite for the conversion is an electrical panel of 200 amperes. If you do not have a 200 amperes panel, our qualified technicians can address the problem and have a new panel installed.

Conversions Oil Heating

If you have an older home, it is most likely being heated by an oil based system. While the efficiency may appear to be satisfactory in most cases heating with oil is actually the most inefficient way to heat your house. Furthermore, with oil heating the temperature control can be tricky and the maintenance costs astronomical. Ultimately, we cannot deny the fact that oil prices fluctuate frequently, thus making oil based heating much more expensive than using a high efficient electric system. Being a petrol-based derivative, this non-renewable resource is harmful to the environment because it emits high quantities of carbon monoxide into the air.

Conversions Electric heating

The installation of an electric system with electronic thermostats gives you better temperature control in all rooms of your home thus reducing energy use and costs over time. In many cases you can reduce your home insurance costs as an oil furnace requires a large hazardous oil tank to be installed in your home. For this purpose, most insurance companies require you to change your tank every 10-20 years. Clean and renewable, electric energy remains the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient option. Converting your oil system to an electric one is the soundest, cost effective and reliable solutions.

based on 1,10c/l
current heating systems 2968$
% Money savings
after conversion 1596$

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